To ensure a wildlife legacy for Colorado through support of environmental stewardship, conservation of wildlife and the protection of critical habitat.

Colorado Wildlife


In 1986, a group of concerned citizens, convened by then Governor Richard Lamm, recognized that Colorado’s abundant and diverse wildlife makes an immense contribution to the quality of life we enjoy in the state, and to its economy. At the same time, they recognized that wilderness habitats face the greatest threats from development and that state funds for preserving wildlife, which have historically come from hunting and fishing license fees, had declined.

Recognizing that future public funding would probably be insufficient to sustain and manage the state’s wildlife, the group made a series of recommendations aimed at preserving wildlife across Colorado into the 21st century and beyond. Among those suggestions was the creation of a foundation whose purpose would be collecting and disbursing funds to benefit wildlife. Thus, in 1989 the Colorado Wildlife Foundation was formed to work in cooperation with state and federal agencies, nonprofit organizations, multinational corporations, and the public to provide funding and resource support services for wildlife and habitat conservation projects statewide.

CWF acts as a resource for those in search of funds for their wildlife benefiting projects, or for those who wish to donate to one.

We support all 960 wildlife species and the habitats they need to survive in Colorado.

Through our many partnerships, we have the ability to leverage the necessary resources to make a difference for wildlife.

Our continued belief is that we must protect our unique wildlife heritage through a balanced approach; integrating the needs of wildlife, the people, and the businesses of Colorado to ensure a rich wildlife legacy and strong economy for those who call Colorado home now and for the generations to come.

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Working for Wildlife.

Wetland Habitat Infrastructure

Raised to date: $150,000

Needed: Ongoing

Wetland Habitat Infrastructure is important for managing wetland wildlife habitat and livestock pasture through flood irrigation and compliments multiple shallow water wetland enhancements constructed throughout openspace. In addition to the structural improvements, the Colorado Wildlife Foundation implements management practices in order to maintain and maximize wetland wildlife habitat.

Improving Legacy Water Issues

Raised: $785,000

Need: Ongoing

In January 2016, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, in partnership with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), NASA and other technical partners, published a study that indicated that by using portable weather radars to fill the gap in existing permanent weather radars coupled with better streamflow forecasting software from NCAR, significant improvements in forecasting streamflow generated year-round by winter snowpack could be achieved.

Working with the Western States Water Partnership, CWHF has invested in a “Multi-Year Multi-Basin” effort.  This project will be a 5-year effort to include:

  • The installation of 3 permanent weather radars on the Western Slope of Colorado, within 3 separate river basins.
  • Additionally, this Multi-Year Multi-Basin project will also include engaging NCAR to adapt and improve their streamflow forecasting software tools specifically for these 3 river basins.

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Open Space Land Purchases

Raised: $1,500,000

Need: Ongoing

Providing resources to purchase parcels of land throughout Colorado allows critical habitat to be maintained and undeveloped in perpetuity. Since the inception of the Colorado Wildlife Foundation we have protected over 65,000 acres of land in Colorado.