Our Projects

Colorado Wildlife Foundation

Wetland Habitat Infrastructure

Wetland Habitat Infrastructure is important for managing wetland wildlife habitat and livestock pasture through flood irrigation and compliments multiple shallow water wetland enhancements constructed throughout openspace. In addition to the structural improvements, the Colorado Wildlife Foundation implements management practices in order to maintain and maximize wetland wildlife habitat.

Raised to date: $150,000

Needed: Ongoing

Grassland Habitat Infrastructure

Native grasslands within Colorado provide habitat for grassland nesting migratory birds. Through multiple partners and efforts grassland habitats can be enhanced through wildlife friendly fencing and improve existing fencing for wildlife (e.g., mule deer, pronghorn) movement.

Raised: $10,000

Need: Ongoing


Open Space Land Purchases

Providing resources to purchase parcels of land throughout Colorado allows critical habitat to be maintained and undeveloped in perpetuity. Since the inception of the Colorado Wildlife Foundation we have protected over 65,000 acres of land in Colorado.

Raised: $1,500,000

Need: Ongoing


Education Initiatives

The Colorado Wildife Foundation funds education programs that are designed to encourage Colorado youth to learn about natural resources, and invest in STEM education programs and how that can enhance our natural environment.

Raised: $25,000 

Need: Ongoing


Western States Water Partnership

Western States Water Partnership is designed to fill the “Mission, Timing and Funding Gaps” that exist within local, county, state and federal agencies and that impede their ability to effectively address legacy water issues critical to Colorado and other Western States.